• Our in house professional team shall take time to understand our client’s needs and their desired outcome.
  • We provide feedback and advice to enhance the design outcome for a more efficient and viable precast design. Saving you time and money.
  • Our in house experienced draughtsmen produce an optimised design according to precast design principles.
  • A third party engineer (providing quality assurance) & the client sign-off on our design.
  • Based on the design we produce a bespoke Bill of Quantities.
  • Cape Concrete then produce the bespoke precast products.
  • We will have a final product fit for purpose within 24 hours after the concrete pour. Our steam curing technology makes this possible.
  • Throughout production we have strict quality control procedures that are adhered to.
  • We arrange all the logistics right up to the final resting place of the precast concrete products.
  • A third party engineer inspects the work and certifies that the product is fit for purpose and signs off on the quality and design is done according to specification.
  • All latent defects are taken care of should there be any.